Dear Diary Reader…me and Desiree Holt

The Southwest Florida Writers Conference  HEARTS IN THE SAND was a wonderful event. Desiree Holt and I drove down Friday and stayed with my sister in Cape Coral. She has a wonderful location with a corner townhouse beside a wildlife refuge. The sunrise was inspiring both mornings and the the hospitality a delight. IMG_4713A few of our RWA chapter (Tampa Area Romance Authors) were there too. We were still functioning when the day drew to a close. Author Lynn Carmer shared her live FB video with me. You can see us on my personal Eliza March FB page

When we weren’t driving or in a class presentation, Desiree and I, the senior citizens of romance, brainstormed plots and fleshed out our upcoming books. Both of us write multi-genre novels, and Desiree is best known for being an award-winning, best-selling author of erotic romance. Not only a great author, Desiree is also an amazing person with boundless mental energy and a supportive soul. Spending time with her, someone with such varied interests and so many ideas, was invigorating to say the least. She kept me hopping. (A challenge for me at my age. Both of us are over seventy…one of us is over eighty…but who’s counting?) I’d like to thank Desiree for being a great conference companion. And I got to meet one of her children. Her daughter is absolutely fabulous.

Hairr of the Were copy

SO what’s up for me now? After experiencing a long, fulfilling career in another industry, and because I entered the publishing world later in life, I’m eager to share all the stories that have magically invaded my mind with my enthusiastic readers. If you’re interested in reading on the go or reading what I’m writing while I’m writing it,  you can sign up for RADISH where I share edited versions of my chapters as I write. Now I’m constantly on deadline to share the most recent story developing into my next series.

AS THE CHAIR TURNS series is based on Luna de la Mar International Salon and Spa in an imaginary town…Boca, Florida. join the fun as the series develops. You can follow us here or on Facebook. The first book Hair of the WERE in the series is available at Radish_Fiction  now. The ebook version and the paperbacks will followA Siren's Tail2 smcopy soon. The next season is about to begin on February 28th. Read the first three chapters of A SIREN’S TAIL for free.



To learn more about serialized fiction, several of my books are serialized on RADISH . why not start with them? The APP is free for Android and Apple devices. Easy to download, easy to read, at your fingertip short stories, novellas, and serialized reads. Think of it like your favorite TV series. The “Episodes” are chapters and the “Seasons” are books in the ongoing series. Satisfying-length, easily navigable chapters are perfect for waiting room reading or while you’re waiting for a return phone call. Get hooked and relax later with a glass of wine and an enjoyable read before going to bed.

Desiree Holt has a free book for you just for signing up for her newsletter. And she will also have her next Kensington book up on RADISH soon, so see you at RADISH_Fiction

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