As the Chair Turns by Eliza March

Coming this fall, will be the first book in my paranormal series revolving around Luna de la Marrainbow_stage_spotlights_vector_background_529094-copy, the exclusive salon and spa in south Florida where Adelaide Belaquoise and Frankie deWolf, along with a hilarious cast of paranormal and magical characters, mingle with the rich and famous. But who knew werewolves and vampires and fairies existed?  Just Del, and that’s the way it will stay if the magical community plans to remain intact. Several authors with a talent for snark are adding their own books and characters to the series. Follow me for more news as the series grows and click on the link for signing up for as the Beauty Tips from As the Chair Turns Newsletter   and we’ll have some great fun!

A Question for My Techie Friends…

How to write a story…

Butt in the chair. Find a good keyboard and keep typing until you have the story written. Write about what happens to someone or something, and then what happens next? Step 2 is screwed up. I need a new keyboard.

I’m preoccupied with my keyboard since I can’t seem to find one I’m happy with. The one on my laptop is getting old and wearing out, or so it seems. The reviews claimed the keyboard sucked from the beginning, but since I can’t really type, I’m not that picky. But when the keys I touch turn into other symbols or don’t react at all, I have far more editing to do than I planned. Not to mention it happens so often the text is indecipherable at times.

So I’ve resorted to Dragon again which also doesn’t understand everything I say, but then neither do I. Any suggestions out there for a wireless keyboard that works with Windows 10? The one I got for Christmas syncs with everything but the laptop. UGH!

Musings on the Future

It’s 2017 and I have a birthday coming up next Monday. Another decade of change. That’s pretty freakin’ staggering. There was a time I was in so much of a hurry to grow up–as if that was going to bring so much to the table–and now all I can think is I want that time back…slow it down. I’d like the energy and hopefulness of my youth back. I’d like to be less jaded, more patient and generous, kinder and gentler, but time is streaking past me and time is valuable.

Wait! Stop for just a minute!

Then yesterday I spoke to my Aunt Claire who will turn 100 tomorrow, and she’s looking forward to being able to dance again this year. And she’s going to. That puts 70 in perspective and shames me into making plans. I too will dance a little everyday this year, once for me, and once while I think of my Aunt Claire.

As for writing, I have plans for Franco’s series and my book of the heart, Gemini, and getting out in the public and sharing what I’ve learned over the years. I have two reunions and plan to spend time with my grandchildren. I’m going to travel for pleasure and if I don’t get around to it this year I will next year.

So push aside your fears, disregard those nay sayers, and face the future as if nothing is impossible and use every moment to it’s fullest.Forever is illusive. Time is now and it belongs to you.