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Let me know what you think. The Gemini Prophecy is a paranormal-fantasy series comprised of three to four novels of intrigue and suspense. The prequel is a sensual Celtic fantasy tale in the form of a novella that sets up the modern day series. The Power of the Light is the first book in the series. Please leave a comment  and sign up for my newsletter to be one of the first lucky people to read the opening chapter later this year.

In the first book, which takes place in DC and Ireland, profilers and psychics are being murdered, and the FBI agent in charge needs the Scotland Yard’s profiler for help. Strangely, Graeme realizes Morgan’s the one he’s been connected to all his life…from being his imaginary childhood friend to his dream soul mate. Now she’s in danger, and he’s forced to accept there’s more between them than a psychic connection when they pursue the paranormal forces at play.

Prologue: Release of the Traigon – The Gemini Prophecy (Prequel)
On the night of the Gemini twins’ conception, Tapestry, the immortal white witch and gifted weaver of lost souls, had been at her magical loom and and had woven their souls. One on one side of the ethereal fabric, and their true life mate’s soul on the other side. Like unto like, each a half of the whole, mirror images of the other. No one understood their true nature more than Tapestry, nor their weaknesses. Each soul reflected but one side of the incomplete image. Each Gemini’s soul only held half of a whole psyche. Once each accepted their other half and embraced their gifts, claiming the full essence of their power, the fabric of their souls would be complete. Only then could the power of their assigned element be returned to the safety of the Stone of Fal.
Jealous gods and other dark entities coveted the elemental powers, and from the beginning of time, these evil beings thwarted the Gemini in their quest. Gruesome tales of psychic mortals being ritualistically tortured and murdered spread, eventually forcing all the Gemini into hiding. After generations of concealing their fae gifts, Tapestry feared they had forgotten their own myth. The true power of the elements remained in stasis awaiting the fulfillment of their prophecy.

Wisely, Tapestry wove the story of the Gemini into an indestructible cloth book and buried it beneath the sacrificial stone in the sacred circle. One day the Chosen descendants of the Gemini would discover and learn from it. Tapestry’s book was the world’s only hope. Since the Dark Mystics had taken possession of the Traighon, no Gemini was safe. Capable of reincarnating through time and space, the Traighon remained on the loose, systematically killing Gemini as they came into their power. While seeking out the Gemini and their descendants, he returned through the ages, time and time again, from the Underworld. Taking all manner of forms, he roamed the mortal world reeking death and destruction for eons.

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