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Let’s see…I’ve published a few books since I last posted.  The Lion, The Leopard, and The Wolf camperf5.000x8.000.indde out In the beginning of October, WERECAT Fever came out the beginning of this month, November, and The Moon, The Madness, and the Magic is scheduled for the first week in December. All of them are available at most eBook retail outlets. The covers are beautifully done and published under the Scarlet Rose division of the Wild Rose Press Publishing. 

“The writing style is addictive and the book is very easy to read.”

“I loved it that the writer didn’t hold back on the scenes.”


” I really loved how the author was able to bring so much emotion into this book. The story really revolved more around the characters and less about the story…”

“Really enjoyed this second chance romance with some twists and turns.”

“…great read with characters with great chemistry. This book starts with amazing heat form the very beginning.”

“…a good well written read that sucked me in and kept me hooked right until the end I cannot wait to try the rest …”

Here comes the next… The Moon, The Madness, and The Magic available for PreOrder November 20th. Delivered December 2nd.








…And on the lighter side of paranormal with an odd twist there’s the next novella in the As the Chair Turns series.

Banner copy

A Witch’s Curse, which I expected to complete in March, April, May… I guess I wasn’t feelin’ it. This is a series I write for fun, so if it isn’t fun…I’m not writin’. In any case, life settled down and became a giggle fest again so I could remember the funny parts. You get the point …this is now on pre-order at most outlets.

A Witch's curse copy

That means it will be available for you to read on Christmas Eve if you buy it now. I have the rest of this time to polish it up and shine it just for you. Buy it now and carve out some time for yourself to read it once the gifts are wrapped and distributed on December 24th.  It’s time to find out what happened after the Christmas party last year, isn’t it?



My Contribution is OUTWORLDERS

Eliza March – Outworlder. This is 1 of 7 stories available in “The Awakening Of The Unknown (Paranormal/Sci-fy Anthology). Click the link and get your copy today.

I wrote Outworlders this year, in a dystopian world 2050. My first Scify. Released ✨💫 on Wednesday in an Anthology (with several other great authors. The cover was perfect for my story. Check it out here. This is available for a limited time only.

.☆🧿.☆.• ORDER NOW •.☆🧿☆•.
🧿.☆.•°”˜˜”°•.☆🧿 Released March 24, 2021

ARE YOU READY FOR THIS? There is a new Paranormal/Sci-Fi Anthology coming. Taking you to places you have never been before? Can you handle The Awakening Of The Unknown?

OUTWORLDERS poor and hunted—used as fertile, source-breeders and collective farm workers for corporate city dwellers. Utopian corporations run the largest cities of the world within glass bio-dome while small dystopian societies scattered outside seek to expose the lies applied to the planet.

Scientist, Dr. Sara Haney’s ultimate question “What am I?” drives her. Where is the genetically modified line between AI and human? At what point will Lieut. Joshua Logan’s enhancements cross that line? Is the man she loved so changed it is affecting their relationship? Can real love exist in a world of bio engineered beings? Or are their emotions being fabricated too?

The answers are outside the domes, but is battling the magnetic storms and risking real death worth that truth? The UTOPIAN populace, developed from humans with genetically enhanced, spliced genes are now super human replicants, being grown inside human-like AI maternal incubators. Human response behavior is changing.

Amazon Link: https://amzn.to/3bXedc5

Cover Design: Scott Carpenter

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Hope This Spring

As Florida warms up (it will get cool again once more, if it follows past Marches) my orchids have begun blooming, the azaleas still look fantastic, and the sun is shining. For you up north, I send you warm gentle thoughts. May your rain be soft, your winds be fresh, and your flowers plentiful. I was in the hospital for a day with a cardiac issue. Got out and had a short but beautiful walk in a nearby park. Stopped to smell the roses or in this case weeds…but a beautiful proud weed.

Orchids Today…next!

the incredible desiree holt


A GALAXY series


Desiree Holt


Best-Selling Author

A new series debuts from Desiree Holt!

The men of Galaxy are your last resort

Watch for Galaxy merchandise

The sky is the limit with Galaxy

They are four hot, sexy men, (John “Rocket” Hardin, Matt “ Viper” Roman, Scott “Blaze” Miranda and Vic “ Eagle”  Bodine), former SEALS and lifelong friends. They served their country well, and winning billions in the Powerball lottery allows them to continue to serve –creating an agency that takes cases others refuses. Their only office is in their plane. Their skills are limitless. Their missions often the blackest of black ops. Their commitment unequaled. When everything else fails, Galaxy can save you. They play as hard as they work, addicted to no-holds-barred sex and none of them in the market for a relationship. One by one, however, they will fall for women who can give as good as they get. Get ready, because Galaxy is open for business.

Book #1


Hot ex-military, desperate woman, tight conspiracy…wait for the explosion!

Peyton West is desperate. Her brother-in-law is dead, her sister is in a coma and no one seems interested in finding any answers. With every door slammed in her face, she’s referred to Scott “Blaze” Hamilton and the men from super-secret Galaxy. Conducting meetings on a plane and digging into the underbelly of Tampa politics, she sees a ray of hope…and discovers Blaze lives up to his name in more ways than one. She crosses her fingers that the scorching sex will continue to blaze once the killer is found.


Was she looking for help with a book? Galaxy didn’t do that kind of stuff. It made them too visible.

He learned her sister and brother-in-law had recently been in a car accident, hit by a speeding vehicle in front of a hotel. The brother-in-law had been killed and the sister was still in a coma. Blaze vaguely remembered reading about it online when he was idly skimming—just three paragraphs, and there hadn’t been anything that rang his chimes. Hit and run, that was it. He hated those, because no one was ever made to answer for it, but nothing had seemed out of the ordinary.

Besides, Galaxy didn’t investigate auto accidents. That was what the cops were for. Did that mean she had an overactive imagination and there was little substance to whatever she wanted from him? He mentally shook his head. No, his brother was too much of a pragmatist to send him someone who saw shadows where there were none.

Before he checked further, he decided to reach out to Nolan and get the skinny on Peyton West and her situation. His brother shocked him by having five minutes free at that particular moment.

“She’s not a nutcase,” he said at once. “This isn’t something she made up for one of her novels, I promise you that. This is some serious shit and everyone everywhere is stonewalling her. If you can find out who the driver was, that ought to open up the whole can of worms. But I believe her, Blaze.”

He couldn’t ask for better validation than that.

He was waiting when the black sedan headed down the gravel drive exactly at four o’clock and parked by the hangar. All four of them tried not to prejudge clients before interacting with them. Appearances, as they all knew, could be very deceiving. But the woman who exited the Mercedes, tense and buttoned-up as she was, made every bit of saliva in his mouth dry up.

She was of medium height, the slacks and sweater she wore doing little to disguise the mouthwatering curves of her body or the natural sway of her hips as she walked. Thick, glossy chestnut hair was pulled back tightly into a ponytail. When she came close enough, he could see her eyes were a rich dark green that looked out at him from beneath chocolate lashes. Out of nowhere, he was seized with a desire to strip off her clothes and run his hands over her body.

Dickwad! Asshole!

Where the hell had this come from, anyway, and what the fuck was wrong with him? He never, ever reacted to clients like this. He’d better get his shit together in a hurry. And figure out why he had lost his brain somewhere on the tarmac.

But then his common sense caught up with him. He saw the rigid way she controlled herself, the look of strain etched into her face and the mixture of rage and panic that swirled in her eyes. It was a look he’d seen in so many of the clients who came to Galaxy. And that was enough to make his hungry dick, the one that had been looking forward to some action tonight, deflate in a hurry. This was business. A mission. This was what they did. What she was here for. Thank god for his SEAL discipline.

He held out a hand to her. “Scott Hamilton, but please, call me Blaze. We’re all used to our military code names.”

They had decided to use those with clients, since they addressed each other that way and there’d be less confusion.

“Peyton West. I have a desperate need for your help, and I can’t stress that word enough.”

He nodded toward the plane, waiting in front of the hangar. “All right. Let’s take a little flight to nowhere and you can tell me all about it.”


Halloween with Scary Authors

A Witch’s Tale – As the Chair Turns by @elizamarch is a Scary Reads for Halloween pick #paranormal

Title: A Witch’s Tale – As the Chair Turns, book 4

Author: Eliza March

Genre: Humorous Fantasy Romantic Suspense 

Book Blurb:

Delia’s family is back in town, and she’s ready for explanations. Or is she? Preventing the Sea Witch from killing her is her first priority.
  Aelric made Delia promises she intends to hold him to…Just as soon as he shows up, and she can keep him around long enough to get an explanation out of him…even if it comes down to handcuffing him to her… Hmm, it may come to that. But would she? The idea begins to sound better and better, especially when Delia recalls Ric’s last kiss. Now, if only his evil stepmother and his jealous half brother would stop making Delia’s life miserable.
  This season, a sexy Frankie, the WEREWOLF, and a confused Delia, have a few mysteries to solve—primarily searching for answers to his curse and her dilemma. All while keeping Frankie’s problem a secret and Delia alive.


A Witch’s Curse – As the Chair Turns (4 book series)

by Eliza March (Author)

From Book 1: Hair of the WERE

Hi! I’m Delia. Short for Adelaide, which, in my opinion, is too old-fashioned sounding for a young business manager in charge of the poshest salon in Boca. I’m of mixed heritage, exactly what sort, I don’t know but at least one side of my family has a musical/theatrical background. At a hundred plus years, my Great Aunt Edna is still performing in a local cabaret and doesn’t look a day over fifty. We all suspect routine nips and tucks, but you’d never know. Her personal trainer and plastic surgeon are magicians. Not euphemistically…really magicians. I know because I’ve recently been dragged into Boca’s dirty local secret. Sam, Edna’s handsome husband is still doing character parts in independent films in Miami. His last role was a gun runner for Werewolves—not much of a box office success, but the subject hit a little too close to home for my comfort. Uncle Sam may not know it, but Boca is a city full of paranormal creatures just fitting in. Shifters, werewolves, witches, vampires. The list goes on. You name it…I never know what I’ll bump into on a quiet afternoon or a dark night. Recently I applied for the very desirable management position at Luna de la Mar Salon and Spa. As it turns out, the fix was in. Just one glitch. They never expected a human to apply. I am not supposed to know about the inner operations of the town where most of the inhabitants aren’t human. I’ve come to realize being human is sometimes an advantage. I keep things operating daily…until the full moon. Then insanity rules. Our employees go batsh$t crazy while I rearrange schedules like a juggler with a dozen balls in the air, and my personal life is turning into a catastrophe. I’m infatuated with two men, and I use that term loosely because at least one is a Werewolf.

  The other is a Coast Guard Commander who looks like the god Thor, but I’m playing second fiddle to his career. Uncle Sam, his not mine, is impossible to compete with. My heart throb, Aelric, saved my life then ditched me before our first date. Frankie,’ who’s not technically my boss is totally hot for me. He claims I’m making too big a deal out of my principles, but I have scruples about mixing business with pleasure. And believe me, hubba hubba, Frankie is definitely that. Pleasure could be his middle name. Truly, our biggest obstacle to a happily ever after are his monthly pack requirements. Frankie is the alpha of the local Weres, and though I’m not usually selfish, I refuse to stand in line with a bunch of female werewolves vying for his attention.

  I lead sing with a local beach band. Two things I love: the beach and music. There’s one obstacle standing in my way for now. Due to recently being attacked by an unknown creature…I must get through the next few months without biting or killing anyone, because… Well it’s a long story…
  A Witch’s Curse is part 4 of the ongoing Luna de la Mar series in AS THE CHAIR TURNS.

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Why is your featured book a must-read?

It’s different from my usual fare. After years of writing and hearing people tell authors to write what they know. I did. I’ve owned a major professional product distribution company, a large well-known convention, and a successful salon and spa. Hmm…I also have five unique children. (Now…stable adults.) The children inherited my imagination and sense of humor, and although my husband may argue this…I can be funny. So, I began my imaginary salon and spa series with something I write about often—shifters, paranormal beings, and fantasy. These books have been the most fun I’ve ever written. I hope you enjoy them as much as my readers do.

Giveaway –

Enter to win an e-book bundle of all 32 books featured in the Scary Reads for Halloween Event: 


Open Internationally. 

Runs October 27 – 31, 2020. 

Winner will be drawn on November 3, 2020.

Author Biography:

Eliza March worked as assistant librarian during college and lived for time in the reading room. Later, when she became a gossip columnist in the Hamptons, she had plenty of fodder for her stories. Now, the award-winning author known for writing contemporary, paranormal, and fantasy romance with sensual content, also writes everything from soul searing, gut-wrenching love stories to downright ridiculously, humorous romance. Eliza enjoys writing multi-genre stories for her fans who love variety.

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