Update — It’s raining. Hallelujah!

Gardenias on the way.

July update: it still hasn’t rained much for this month but the heat index is high. Our AC doesn’t stop. The electric bill is ridiculous… thanks for the new meter Duke energy. We trimmed the Crocus but the gardenia pops out a new bloom every time it sprinkles. We’ll wait. ~~~Eliza

I’ve never seen my yard so dry and dusty. For 33 years it’s been self reliant. If an established plant can’t make it without supplemental fertilizing, watering, or chemicals then this isn’t the acre of land it’s meant to be growing on. But I’ve been very tempted to give Mother Nature a hand this spring. Today she may pull through for my plants for the second time this week. The greening of my yard has been slow and painful. The rabbits don’t have much to graze on here. Fortunately we have neighbors who water. The rabbits have gone out to dinner next door.