What’s up Next? Time to Catch up, My Friend!


Let’s see…I’ve published a few books since I last posted.  The Lion, The Leopard, and The Wolf camperf5.000x8.000.indde out In the beginning of October, WERECAT Fever came out the beginning of this month, November, and The Moon, The Madness, and the Magic is scheduled for the first week in December. All of them are available at most eBook retail outlets. The covers are beautifully done and published under the Scarlet Rose division of the Wild Rose Press Publishing. 

“The writing style is addictive and the book is very easy to read.”

“I loved it that the writer didn’t hold back on the scenes.”


” I really loved how the author was able to bring so much emotion into this book. The story really revolved more around the characters and less about the story…”

“Really enjoyed this second chance romance with some twists and turns.”

“…great read with characters with great chemistry. This book starts with amazing heat form the very beginning.”

“…a good well written read that sucked me in and kept me hooked right until the end I cannot wait to try the rest …”

Here comes the next… The Moon, The Madness, and The Magic available for PreOrder November 20th. Delivered December 2nd.








…And on the lighter side of paranormal with an odd twist there’s the next novella in the As the Chair Turns series.

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A Witch’s Curse, which I expected to complete in March, April, May… I guess I wasn’t feelin’ it. This is a series I write for fun, so if it isn’t fun…I’m not writin’. In any case, life settled down and became a giggle fest again so I could remember the funny parts. You get the point …this is now on pre-order at most outlets.

A Witch's curse copy

That means it will be available for you to read on Christmas Eve if you buy it now. I have the rest of this time to polish it up and shine it just for you. Buy it now and carve out some time for yourself to read it once the gifts are wrapped and distributed on December 24th.  It’s time to find out what happened after the Christmas party last year, isn’t it?



My Contribution is OUTWORLDERS

Eliza March – Outworlder. This is 1 of 7 stories available in “The Awakening Of The Unknown (Paranormal/Sci-fy Anthology). Click the link and get your copy today.

I wrote Outworlders this year, in a dystopian world 2050. My first Scify. Released ✨💫 on Wednesday in an Anthology (with several other great authors. The cover was perfect for my story. Check it out here. This is available for a limited time only.

.☆🧿.☆.• ORDER NOW •.☆🧿☆•.
🧿.☆.•°”˜˜”°•.☆🧿 Released March 24, 2021

ARE YOU READY FOR THIS? There is a new Paranormal/Sci-Fi Anthology coming. Taking you to places you have never been before? Can you handle The Awakening Of The Unknown?

OUTWORLDERS poor and hunted—used as fertile, source-breeders and collective farm workers for corporate city dwellers. Utopian corporations run the largest cities of the world within glass bio-dome while small dystopian societies scattered outside seek to expose the lies applied to the planet.

Scientist, Dr. Sara Haney’s ultimate question “What am I?” drives her. Where is the genetically modified line between AI and human? At what point will Lieut. Joshua Logan’s enhancements cross that line? Is the man she loved so changed it is affecting their relationship? Can real love exist in a world of bio engineered beings? Or are their emotions being fabricated too?

The answers are outside the domes, but is battling the magnetic storms and risking real death worth that truth? The UTOPIAN populace, developed from humans with genetically enhanced, spliced genes are now super human replicants, being grown inside human-like AI maternal incubators. Human response behavior is changing.

Amazon Link: https://amzn.to/3bXedc5

Cover Design: Scott Carpenter

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