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Protect your hair from pool chemicals. Wet hair and apply conditioner to your hair before diving into a pool. Rinse well and shampoo immediately after getting out. Wear a hat.

Going to the beach? The self bronzers help blend tan lines. Always use sunscreen too. I use the waterproof childrens’ lotion on my face. Even adults don’t like burning their eyes.

Billed caps on your head and sunglasses with sun protection for your eyes will help you see when the sun is directly overhead. And you don’t get a sunburned scalp. A side benefit is you reduce the risk of future cataracts.

I don’t usually endorse products but this line: Malibu C has been around for years and my clients found it helped with summer chlorine hair.

Skin takes so much abuse from the sun and elements, so if you can, soak in a tub with a cup of vinegar after over exposure. It will take the sting out of a sunburn. After the soak, pat dry and apply an Aloe based lotion. The natural pH of your skin is supposed to be between 4.5 and 6.0 so anything mildly acidic will help return its damaged alkaline state to normal. Lemon juice smells better but sometimes feels sticky due to the natural sugar in the fruit.

Pretty feet? Soak your feet in a large bowl filled with warm water, a 1/2 cup of epsom salts, and a few drops of  tea tree essential oils.  Scrub with a medium textured file or foot paddle, rinse then dry and lotion. Wrap in a hand towel for 15 to thirty minutes then wipe your toenails off with polish remover and finish with your favorite polish. Don’t forget base and top coat for a long lasting finish to your pedicure.


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