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1/27/2023 Day 1 – I’ve had a difficult time finishing my Vella book that I started in 2022 (honestly it was the fall off 2021 EEk!). Some health issues created the set back, but I have no excuse now, except procrastination and lack of organization. So although it’s a rough draft, I’ve been writing slowly chapter by chapter. It’s still winter in the Highlands and the danger is upping the tension.


A broken heart gives Gillian Stewart writer’s block until her sister shares her reoccurring nightmare about a cursed ancient highlander. When Kennedy, a museum curator, sees her dream man’s double bid on a portrait she is researching, a trip to Scotland is the answer. Will a freak snow storm, no GPS, and a B&B mix-up stop the Stewart sisters? Not if two kilted highlanders rescue them. A mistletoe kiss, a renewed promise, and a yuletide wedding may be what it takes to end a Druid’s ancient curse.

If you want a taste of this story, click on the link. I still believe the first three episodes are free,


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