Eliza’s Favorite International  Recipe Collection: Tasty and quick recipes she’s created for herself.

Guess what! I’ve recently decided to try gluten free living. My gastric issues are practically gone. Yeah! Now I’m left with the ongoing attempt to add animal free and non-dairy living to my goal. Thanks to Pinterest and Instagram there’re are an abundance of recipes to try out. I’m also attempting to integrate old recipes with my new goals. Do you have any suggestions?

The Colon family’s famous secret recipe – Chicken and Rice with Black Beans (Avocado, Pimento, and cooked Plantains)

Margarita Enchiladas

Eliza’s Black Forest Cake coming soon…

Maureen’s Parisian Chocolate Kirsch Cream Eclairs coming…

Mr. March’s Hawaiian Upside-down Pina Colada pudding cake coming soon.

…and more…

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