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Her aura had never reacted to any man this way.

After the female dire wolf under her protection gowolves-spefxes missing, Laurel Finnegan’s new assignment, vetting  the  brother, proves even more challenging. He’s everything Laurel isn’t. And everything she wants. Before the full moon rises, she’ll have to test their mutual attraction, find his sister, and keep him away from the other females who will stop at nothing to be the dire wolf’s mate.

He refuses to accept the significance of their mingled auras.

Lucas MacDugal’s family is the last of the pure bred dire wolves and times have changed. So when his sister fought tradition and fled Scotland for Sarasota, he agreed. Now he has to deal with her female security guard. Laurel has extraordinary elemental assets, and is instrumental in deciphering evidence, but she’s also the first female to destroy his self-control. He has until the full moon rises to figure out why. After that, his unusual attraction to Laurel may prove deadly for her.

All the evidence indicates Grace set herself up.

Laurel’s worst fears prove true. The outlying pack land has been infiltrated by rogues from the south. When she discovers Grace’s location and telecommunications fail, she decides to rely on the elemental connection she formed with Lucas.

He’s in denial… But there’s no denying how much she hungers for him, and his lust rises with the waning moon. The innocent female haunts his thoughts night and day. He has to respond. Too many lives are at stake for him to ignore the appeal he can’t resist.

The full moon calls his wolf to action.

Lucas will give up everything to claim Laurel as his, but he won’t risk her life. The fear of losing her drives him to discover the mystery surrounding their irresistible connection.


To the general public, recognizing the difference between a pack member and anyone else was impossible. To Laurel, especially with her abilities, identifying the shifter standing in front of her would never be a problem. If his piercing pale eyes didn’t betray him, the strange aura only she could see surrounding him was a dead giveaway. It was as powerful as he was. It swirled with earthy, elemental colors, and every cell in her body recognized his presence, their connection. But something else affected her too. She reacted differently to him than she had to other pack member she’d encountered, and her strange reaction made her additionally wary.

Unable to tear her gaze from his, she sensed him attempting to penetrate the blocks she’d erected the moment they’d made eye contact. She shored up her protective wards to keep him out of her mind in case he had other abilities. No one had ever rattled her elemental power until now.

Thank goodness Lucas MacDugal had been through customs by the time he took the tram to the terminal. At least she’d been spared the aggravation of more waiting, and so would he, because the frown he wore claimed he didn’t have much patience left.

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