When Social Media Isn’t Your Sole Purpose In Life

FB page, if you haven’t heard from me then it’s because I’m writing, which is what I’m supposed to do. Instagram, I love you but my productivity is gaged by words I write in a book not about what I’m eating. Twitter, hello did anyone notice when I stopped by? Nope… gone in a blink of an eye, right?

I blog when I have something to say or share because it’s so much more personal. You can read it whenever you want or not… Sometimes social media is entertainment and sometimes it’s connecting with the world because I’ve been writing alone in an empty house with no human contact. Not entirely true. My husband comes by and asks me where the bread is, my son wants to know where his keys are, the tv keeps telling me what’s going on in the world in spite of my reluctance to participate. I use social media to watch animals and comedy and happy stories about heroes and heroines who are kind to others. I write romance the ultimate escapism in books and movies.

Social media, you are adding too much realism into my fantasy life. Commercials, politics, news, weather, education, shopping… the list goes on. Too much everything!

If y’all don’t mind, I’m going to go write a book. Why don’t you go read one of mine and I won’t have to remind you on FB that I’ve just published the third book in my series. Many people are reading it and liking it. You too can escape into an unrealistic, impossibly funny, fantasy world for a few hours.

Mayhem, Magic, and Mistletoe by me, Eliza March.

You know where to find my books?

Right! On Amazon, Nook, Kobo, Apple Book, just about anywhere you want.

The Draft2Digital universal link below will take you there.


This will help you find my recent book.

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