Out of My CAVE

I’m taking a short break so I can list topics I’m dealing with. Why is it a short break? Because my to do list is still full. How do you deal with overwhelming business? I love checking off my lists. I think chalk boards are even more fun. First I wipe it off…then I wash it off. DONE.

COMING 2021 Power of the SEA the next book in the GEMINI Prophecy. This series is quite complicated so each book takes time to put it together. It’s the details and checking for accuracy that takes the time. The cast of characters is beginning to rival GAME OF THRONES. I’m trying to keep from killing them all off. I’m trying to save them … all the GEMINI. It may not be possible. We’ll see.

So apparently I came out of my cave too soon… Who can avoid politics? I’m blocking until after the election. Please none of those comments.

What about global warning? I’m doing my part. Limited breathing. Eating no flesh. Losing weight. (Needed to anyway). Working? Is that why I’m eating less? Could be I’m not as bored while writing.

How can I keep this up? Releasing. Promoting. Writing.

Got any great vegan recipes? I’m also looking for gluten free. Drop your links in the comment section please.

Power of the Light releases at all but Amazon…that’s tomorrow. I put on sale for the first month. I worked on this book for thirteen years on and off. Based on a per hour rate, it will take thirteen years of excellent sales before I begin to enter the black. FYI…the print version will also be available for those of you still addicted to holding a book in your hands and sniffing the ink. (It’s still fun.) The Fae Myth is the prequel (the back story) and it’s FREE at SMASHWORDS or $.99 at Amazon. Contact me and I’ll send you a version of your choice.

Power of the LIGHT out today/tomorrow is $2.99 right NOW.


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