You Need a Laugh

Don’t we all? Surprise below. Wait for it.  here’s some information on where to buy and follow the books if you like them. All three books are sequential in the Luna de la Mar Salon & Spa series, so it’s best if you read them in order but these are shown below, left to right as #3, #2, #1

If you do happen to read them out of sequence, I tried to keep each story mildly independent of the others. My recommendation? Read them in order.  Also follow this blog and my special Luna de la Mar page on Facebook 

As the Chair Turns is a location on Facebook where you can meet all the authors who will be joining the writing team thi coming year. be the first to hang out with us and stay up to date on the latest characters in our Fantasy town in Florida.

Click HERE to go to my author page on Amazon and if you follow me, they will update you when my next book is released.

This salon and spa is more than you bargained for. . . not to mention the town.

All my books are also at most online retail locations and in most formats. If you can’t find them, contact me and I’ll find a link for you.

Drumroll please . . .

Now . . .  A Holiday EXCLUSIVE excerpt:

Mayhem, Magic, and Mistletoe

. . .  For now, Ric is protecting me while I’m training to be a Siren. There are some people, and they’re not exactly people, who would rather I not join the ranks of the underwater world. As if I don’t have enough critics on land, I also had to enrage a whole segment of the undersea population just by existing.

I’d never done anything to anyone, but apparently my birth disrupted the monarchy or whatever.

Anyway, Aelric and I had a plan for today. He was going to drop me off early to board the Luna company yacht for our annual holiday party then check in at the Coast Guard station before he planned to join me. That was the glitch in the plan. I didn’t have much confidence in him showing up since our track record, to date, sucked. This one held no promise of being any better. It was already a train-wreck, and we weren’t even out of bed.

Right. The bed. Why was he here? And O.M.G. how did we end up in the bed together?

Slowly, very slowly, my memory cleared.

All rights reserved. copyright 2018 Eliza March

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