You can’t help who you love… A Witch’s Tale

img_3334So I’m writing this fantasy salon and spa series and the characters feel like family. Strange family but who doesn’t have a strange family member or two…or more? They’ve become co- workers and family to me.

Teamwork! It doesn’t matter if they’re shifters or faeries or gargoyles, when it comes to getting the demon bridal party from hell presentable for humans…literally…it’s all about teamwork and respect!

My husband and I went out to dinner and observed the dance of the staff, and we commented to each other about their seamless grace in getting their jobs done and working together. Tall, short, slow, quick…each did their one-step or two-step to the right or left, trays high, drinks low, swaying or dodging–doing the dance.

I see this same team work in my story characters when the stakes are high and the chips are down!

Yesterday, Frankie was late. The Halfling twins, Rolf and Dolf, weren’t there on time either… I had to create the salon dance until the Calvary arrived.

What happens if and when the system breaks down? This is what sets up this story…Delia’s goal to fix Frankie!

Sick of juggling schedules because of Frankie’s curse, Delia spends her time in the next Luna de la Mar adventure with her best friends Carrie and Jen hunting down the witch who was dumb enough to trust the alpha Werewolf with her heart. While Delia struggles with answers to her own dilemma: What is she? She re-discovers, beneath the scales, fur, and fangs of her friends and foes, everyone suffers the same great pain when loving and losing. You love who you love! Even if you know from the start it will cause you pain. Is that what awaits our heroine?

#shifters #fairies #werewolves #romantic #comedy #witches #charms #magic #love #ghost #mermaid #siren #dragon #vampires #atlantis #poseidon #comingofage #soulmates

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